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Pallavas Of Kanchi , ( 300 - 9th c AD ) Potin coins

Pallava Dynasty was a pastoral tribe who ruled the southern parts of India for almost 550 years. Pallava dynasty conquered the region of Thondaimandalam that was located at Pallavapuri, The Pallava rulers established their kingdom on the ruins of the eastern part of the kingdom of the Satvahanas. They originally worked as officials under the Satvahana rulers, in the course of time they established themselves as local rulers. Very rapidly their kingdom spanned parts of southern Andhra Pradesh and northern Tamil Nadu. Pallavas established their capital at Kanchi (modern Kanchipuram near Chennai), which gradually became popular and famous for its temples and as center of Vedic learning . They rulled from 300 AD - 9 th century AD .

The Pallava coins were minted in lead, copper and potin .. The basic symbols in Pallava coins are bull and lion. The bull is the royal emblem of Pallavas and the emblem of Siva. Apart from bull and lion, symbols like svastika, cakra, flag, twin masted ship, elephant, crescent were also seen in Pallava coins.